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Green Tourism

In 2009 Colossus B&B worked hard to gain a Silver Award under the Green Tourism Business Scheme, we have gained this award each year to 2014 when we decided to leave the scheme due to lack of advertising but stil work to the same ethos.

What does this mean for guests you ask?

Well, we have taken many steps towards protecting our unique environment, some of which are laid out in our Environmental Policy. This means, that here at Colossus we try to strike a balance between ensuring you have an enjoyable stay and the environmental footprint we all leave behind.

This is Todd, who found this wooden sign from a Paris Bistro washed ashore on the eastern side of the uninhabited island of Great Ganilly.
Please help us to help the environment.
Every small step makes a difference.

This wooden cable drum was washed up on the west side of the uninhabited island of Annet.
In the past we have found toothbrushes, lightbulbs, a water butt, batteries and all things made of plastic.
Think before you throw!

Transport - When travelling to the Islands the most environmentally friendly way is by boat -

To help you choose your method of transport co2balance have calculated the carbon dioxide emissions for each route to Scilly:

Route Emissions (kg)

Penzance (ferry) 6
Lands End (plane) 18
Newquay (plane) 22
Exeter (plane) 42

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